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Since the conception of Mantis Swords in 1998, our mission has been to be the best provider of high-quality Asian and European weapons at reasonable prices with the very best customer service. The owners of Mantis Swords have 24 years of experience and knowledge in the Martial Arts which is used in our product selection. We continue to perform trials with the products we offer to insure that our customers are receiving the best quality weapons available. With a discriminating eye and help from our suppliers we focus on quality-control and customer satisfaction. Mantis Swords has shipped to more than 48 countries and Military bases around the world. Our goal is to become the largest global supplier of Martial Arts weapons. To date we have begun to achieve our goal with many satisfied customers. 

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New Kaneie Katanas

      Royal Chrysanthemum  Silver Dragonfly Katana - T10 w/hi 

Kaneie Sword Art (kuh-nay-eh-yeh) is producing some of the most impressive Samurai Swords available today. We carry four levels of katana from Kaneie, from the extremely tough through-hardened Batto to their top-end swords made from Tamahagane (iron sand steel).


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