Black, Red and Natural Canes
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Black, Red, Natural and Folded Wood Cane Swords

In 1876, the Samurai were banned from carrying their swords. This attempt to end a thousand year tradition was not received well by the proud warrior class and the “stick katana” was born. Innocuous walking canes now concealed the revered blades, but the katana lived on. The Bamboo Stick Katana combines an artfully carved bamboo scabbard and handle with a blade (nagasa) that is hand-forged in 1065 high-carbon steel and is differentially hardened using a traditional claying method. The edge hardness and resilient blade body produced by this technique embody the true secret of the Samurai sword.

Black Cane Sword Natural Wood Cane Folded Rosewood Cane Red Cane Sword
Mantis Swords/Hanwei produced a wonderful reproduction of the walking stick/sword (SH1014) used by the deadly blind swordsman Zatoichi. The blade is carbon steel with a etched temper line for aesthetics. The handle and scabbard are done in sleek black making it look like an ordinary walking stick, but in an instant, the flash of steel. By popular demand Mantis Swords and Hanwei has produced a version of the Zatoichi Stick/Sword with a forged high-carbon blade in natural wood handle and saya. The handle/saya combination blends together beautifully to create the illusion of a stick. The SH2114 features a forged-folded straight Katana blade, housed in a rosewood hardwood scabbard and handle combination
Mantis now has four exciting versions of the stick sword of Zatoichi, the legendary blind Samurai. The ever-popular black SH1014, with its fully tempered carbon steel blade is now joined by the SH2298, featuring the same blade but with the red lacquered scabbard seen in many of Zatoichi’s screen adventures.
Blade length:  28 1/2“
Handle length:   10 1/2”
Overall length:  39 1/2“
Weight:  1lb 8oz
Blade length:  28 1/4"
Handle length:   11"
Overall length:  42 3/4"
Weight:  1lb 11oz
Blade length:  28”
Handle length:   10 ˝”
Overall length:  39”
Weight:  1lb 9oz
Blade length:  22”
Handle length:   9 ˝”
Overall length:  38 ˝”
Weight:  1lb 3oz
SH-1014 $ 214.99 Sale $ 150.49 SH-2267 $ 229.99 Sale $ 219.99 SH-2114 $ 699.99 Sale $ 454.99 Discontinued
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