Kaku Obi
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Kaku Obi

Imported from Japan, our kaku obi are long enough to wrap three times before tying for most practitioners. They are wide enough to hold your sword tightly and will not sag. All are made of 100% Japanese cotton.

Kaku Obi
Listed in order above; white, black, blue, brown, purple, golden rod, Olive/gold green, green
White, Black, Brown, Green and Purple are sold out
$ 99.99 Sale $ 59.99
  Olive/gold/green Obi Blue Obi
  KO-107 KO-108


We also offer Japanese swords, Samurai swords, Antiques, old swords, tantos and Naginatas. Mantis swords is known for is large selection of Chinese knives and swords. You will find many sword parts such as tsubas, silk bags, sword stands and cleaning kits on our site.