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Read what our customers have to say about us.

Hey, here's something you can use for your testimonial page:

I received my sword and custom tsuba, and everything's arrived in good order. Thank you for your prompt and attentive support. I was going to order from a store within Canada, but your support was much better than theirs, and the price was competitive also. Thanks for everything. I'll gladly shop with you again and recommend you to my friends. Until next time.


Hello Shawn;

I have received Golden Oriole Katana. As always, perfect!

Thanks a lot.



Dear Shawn;


I have the new Tori XL Light katana. As always, perfect!


Thanks a lot and best regards.




I received my katana today. It was packed nicely and well protected. I hope to have my years of enjoyment out of it. Thanks again. C. Davis

Dear Mantis,

I just got my tanto in the mail the other day. Thank you guys so much, I know you didn't need to give me one so please know that that is very much appreciated. You guys are awesome.



Hi Shawn,
I have just received my sword cane in perfect order.
Thank you very much. Happy 2012

Hi Shawn
Thank you for kind consideration. I placed the order for the Antiqued Basket Hilt Back Sword today.
I must congratulate you on your excellent service. Prior to this order I have purchased the Celtic sword, a Hunting Dog cane sword a Lance and 4 Mini swords and I am absolutely delighted with all my purchases.
Keep up the good work and have a wonderful 2012.
B Swart
Ps You are welcome to use my testimonial if you wish



I want to thank you for the fast service & high quality of the dog head
sword cane you sent, will be interested in any more of the same quality you

Merry Christmas.
W. Markey


Thank you. My new sword arrived today in perfect condition. Thank you and I will be happy to order my next blade from you as well. 
All the best and happy holidays
Sensei Ray
Bujinkan Millis Dojo Grande Prairie

Hi Shawn,
I received my rattan butterfly swords today. They are beautiful. Exactly as described.
If and when I need others in the future I will be coming to you.
Thanks a bunch!!!


My Sword Cane (Order ID: 186081413) was delivered yesterday Ė in good condition and in good time . Thank you.
G Angelo
New Zealand



Just wanted to send a note to say thanks for getting the mats out to me so quickly,  I had a cutting event this weekend with your old friend J A and they just cut wonderfully.  You can be sure that we will be doing more business in the future!






Thanks much!  I received it today in perfect condition.  Super good packaging guys.  Thanks and much appreciated...will be excellent for So-Jutsu.



Hey guys...     I received the sword yesterday and its great! Great job and really fast thank you.    -Scott


Hi Shawn

i have just received the swords and they are way better than i expected actually they are really cool. Also thank you for the books. Hope to order another one soon.

have a nice day


I can't thank you enough! It came quickly, in perfect shape and I'm
thrilled. Plus, nobody can beat your prices and I did some serious
searching for the best deal. Your customer service is great, too.
Timely and thorough response to all my inquiries. A great experience.

Thank you guys very, very much. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

J.P. Zavacki


Hi Shawn,

  received the two Gorin iaito yesterday - well packed, and in perfect
shape as usual.  Thanks very much.  One of the two had the nicest
rayskin I've seen on a production katana yet.  Also, thanks for the
mini katana - I can't believe they alternated the wrap, and tied
proper end knots.  It's very impressive.

Thanks again,


Dear Shawn:
My order was here within a few days! It is everything I had hoped for, but then so have the other items I have purchased from you. Thanks again for a truly remarkable experience.


Hi Mantis!
Got the Kabuto today and I'm very pleased!
Thanks for everything!
Best regards, John


Thank you, Shawn. This has been my fifth order with you, and though it has not arrived yet, I know it will be just a great as the others. You have always had the best flat prices, and you've also always had the best sales. Even with me in Canada, shipping has always been fast. No doubt, you operate the best store for these quality pieces, online or otherwise. I look forward to doing business with you again.


I finally got my real sword yesterday, I just wanted to say thank you very much for the excellent service.  Mantisswords has never failed me and I hope you continue to give the best service as possible.  Thanks again!
-J Yap


Dear Mantis,

Thank you for you courteous and timely manner for the Skull and Natural Wood Cane Swords. I am very well pleased with my purchase and have purchased another for my wife as well as a cleaning kit and look forward to it's arrival. I was very surprised at the detail and craftsmanship. I will continue to support your talent and recommend you to others.


L Hancock



Mantis Swords,
 Thanks for  the prompt service I received when I ordered my cane sword, it's the best,! great quality and craftsmanship!! Thanks again 

D Viruet



Just received sword, Very Impressed!  Will buy a higher- end sword next time. Thanks Again!  N.A.S. Tennessee


Hey Shawn,
The Ninjaken arrived today. Oh my god , I love this sword!  It's really a beauty. and i'll never part with it. Thanks!



My katana arrived, and I am most pleased with the speed of your service. I will not hesitate to order from you again. Thanks!



Dear Sirs;

Have received the two cane swords I requested. I know myself well enough to have requested your forged high carbon item, since I knew I'd eventually ask for it; after reading your very fine feedback, and since there was such a saving (new low price PLUS 15% off) I got your black cane sword as well.


today i have received the items that i have ordered.

they are perfect and all right with shipping.




yesterday I've received the bamboo cane katana and I have no right words to explain my admiration for this sword, the sharpness, the shape, the weight and the blade are perfect, it was my dreamsword:) At last I wish to thank you for the fast supply! It is real pleasure to purchase from your site!

M Takeva


I was looking for a real nice sword to be displayed on a wall in my house i had ordered other swords from other companies saying how nice their swords were only to find out that i had wasted my money when i received my sword from you guys it was way nicer than the pictures i am very pleased with my purchase and will buy from you again thanks for the fast shipping and a really nice sword                  thanks again T Francis


Dear Mr. Shawn Salafia

The iaito arrived today. Thank you very much, its really beautiful. I will recommend your store.


M. Krenn





Thank you for the quick response and shipping of the set of 3 throwing stars I ordered. They arrived today, and they are just what I was looking for. I can't remember if I found them on eBay. I think it was a Google search. But they are Great, Thanks again.
B Welebir
Port Richey, FL 


Dear Shawn Salafia,

just wanted to let you know that I received my order in good shape.

The Banshee arrived on the 2nd of Jan. and the Katana the next day.

Thanks for the excellent service. I'll be buying from you people again with confidence!

Thanks again, keep up the good work!!

kind regards


W Vetterli

Williams Lake




Hello Shawn, today the 3 of January, the katana Tiger Elite arrived, it's a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.
It have a good balance and I enjoy it.
Thanks, till next time.
We wish you a happy new year in good health.
Greetings from Martin.



I wanted to let you know that my order for three six-pointed shaken (id# 16402589) finally came in.

They are in perfect condition and seem to be of top quality (and already sharpened), so thank you very much. Now that I've confirmed that your shipping is on the level, I may be placing more orders in the future.

Have a good one, and enjoy this holiday season, etc., etc.

~S Stoelton


Thank You Very Much - it has been a pleasure doing business with you - the service you have given me is excellent and I look forward to making future purchases



I'm your customer from Bulgaria Margarita Takeva. I would like to thank you for the great sword, which I've received today! If I have to be honest I was little worried - there was a little delay of the supply because of the bad weather and especially I was worried because of my bad experience with one "superior" (as they called themselves undeservedly) swords-selling site. But now my worries and suspicions are all gone especially when I took out the sword from the box. It is a great sword on a really great price, one more time thank you!

I'm sure that my next sword will be ordered from your site again!

Wish You Happy Holidays

M Takeva


I received the sword and is beautiful. I am very pleased. This is my third sword from Mantis and still very happy. Thank you!
San Antonio, Texas


Hi Shawn,

I have finally received the sword last week. I must admit, it is awesome! I used to owned the previous paul chen PK, but this one is much better, also with better QC I think. The delivery time is excellent, although the customs is quite annoying and therefore takes longer than it should be. Thanks a lot for everything, look forward to buying again from you.

Best regards,

Yusuf in Indonesia

PS. : You may put this in your testimonials.


Just letting you know i received my order today, and am very pleased!!!!  Beautiful pieces and very authentic. I'll cherish these, and look forward to ordering from you again.

                                                                                      K. Barnes

                                                                                Southfield MI. 


Hi Shawn,

Just got the furniture a few weeks back for a sword I am customizing and I couldnít be happier. Top notch from site to point of delivery. Will buy with confidence in the future with MANTIS.

Thanks again,



Hi Shawn.
I got my sword on Thursday, had time to check it out on the weekend, and  it's great. Thanks a lot for your fast replies and excellent service. I will definitely buy from you again. What else can I say? Thank you very much!
I would love to post a testimonial/comment on your website.
M Botha


Thanks for replacing the defective kampilan, I thank you for your time replacing it. Mantisswords has great customer service, some companies don't take defective items back. thank you for taking your time. the handle is great and the blade is razor sharp!  keep up the good work!


Hi Shawn.  This is Gary from Mt. Hood Trader.  I received the Katana today, September 1st not on the 5th as I had been led to believe.  It is really an awesome
looking sword.  I am very much satisfied with this purchase.  You had a sale at just the right time for me.   Thanks very much, Gary


Hello Mantis Swords,   
I sat for 3 hours on the net looking at your site (AFTER) my order had arrived hoping I didn't make a mistake. The package I leaned on my computer desk shadowing me and begged to be opened, I was fearful that it would not be of the quality, strength, and beauty of the Strait Practical Katana I had ordered. I just knew in my own mind something had to be wrong, the sword was bent, not the one I ordered, blade not sharp, saya made of plastic, and unsure of an internet purchase! Finally I opened the box slid out the black bamboo Hanwei box pulled apart the form fitting foam and picked up the most stunning work of art! Exact in all aspects and identical to the photos on your internet site.  Every part of this sword is quality. The blade is razor sharp and perfectly strait. The saya is amazing and as much a work of art as the sword itself. I cannot say enough (oh shipping was very fast as well :)  I am more than please with this sword it is everything and more than I hoped for Thank you!
I would recommend Mantis Swords to everybody  
PS It has already made me feel like a Ninja because the price was a steal

T Mazell





I received the Hicho today, was mighty impressed. The grain of the metal is wonderful. I feel that I not only bought a sword but a piece of art work as well. Thanks, you have made my day and most likely my year. Can't wait for the Gorin Diasho to arrive.
PS. I like the description on the paper work and how much it is worth. I hope doing it with this method does not get you into trouble.
K McNelley Australia


Hi people at mantis world.
Got the pieces this morning. Absolutely stunning, looking forward to replacing my worn out iai katana hand wrap tonight so will put new fittings on then.
Thanks a bunch and hope to do business again.
E. Taylor


Hey shawn, my names josh and i just bought my 4th sword from mantis and once again, i am completely blown away! I just bought the iaido nami wakizashi and the detail and precision in the quality of this sword is unparalleled. Thanks for the great service and as always GREAT swords. and bye the way i have sent a few pictures of the swords i have bought from you guys. hope you like them!


Dear Shawn.

My practical strait katana was delivered to Europe in 10 days without any problems. Great!

It is really amazing sword for that price. It is not my first one, but definitely the most practical. I will order next one for my friend very soon.

Bye, Martin. 


I received the yanling / song broadsword yesterday & just wanted to let
you know how satisfied I am with the purchase.  I have been a practitioner
of White Crane Kung Fu for 34 years & the sword is the finest saber I have
come across yet.  Absolutely beautiful!
Thank you.........................
M. Rocha


My Tsuru Iaito Katana came on Tuesday, great shipping time. After just holding it in my hands, the weight feels great, and it handles like a dream.

it looks fantastic, much better than in photos. The impressive crane tsuba absolutely the best feature, although the blood grooves are cool.

I also got 2 sets of Shaken, they look awesome.

Very happy with both purchases, with such a great price and fast service, i'll definately be buying from you again in future.





hey mantis swords,
i received my order. i am very pleased with the quality of the blade and the craftsmanship for the price. i am overwhelmingly pleased with the speediness of the delivery and hope to do business with you in the future. i plan on getting the skull cane sword, banshee cutting blade and am looking closely at the orchid sword set. i only have one question. how long does it take to ship from Japan if i purchase the two-day shipping? or do you already have them on hand?


Hi Shawn,

I received my Paul Chen Practical Katana on Friday 7th July 2006. It is great and in good condition despite the long distance freight to Singapore. I am very pleased with the good services, prompt replies and bargain price that Mantis provided. I hope you will include my testimony at your website.

Thanks and best regards

T. Yeow



The sword arrived yesterday. Thanks for your care in the packaging. The delay due to customs and argentine mail was the usual. The sword has very good quality/price ratio, and your attention and very good prices too. Was a delight buying from Mantis and, hope soon, you will hear of me for a wakizashi and others. Thanks again


Dear Shawn, I just got my Nihonto Hoso Katana and the pictures do not give it any justice . It really is light as a feather and as flexible as dragon scales, in short one great sword . yours truly D. Henderson. PS once again a great sword.


Hi Shawn,

Received my 2 sword carrying bag yesterday an it is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for getting this to me only a couple of days after placing my order.

This is the second item I have ordered from you (the first was a Nami Iaito) and I have been extremely pleased on both occasions with both the product and the service.

Many thanks,

D. Combs


  Beach mats  arrived  yesterday, super fast shipping , and  I  thank you  for  the  larger  beach  mat  offer I just  donít  have a  tank  or place  to  soak the  larger  size. You guyís are great I will always return to your store .Thanks again

                                                                                                       L. Toth J


Dear Shawn,

I recently purchased one of your new tachi (the brown and orange version) and wanted you to know it is absolutely the most beautiful Japanese sword I have ever seen--and I have several in my collection. It is equal in quality to even the high-end and much more expensive Paul Chen swords. I have been looking for a good tachi all over the Internet for almost two years now, and the only ones I've been able to find are cheap (though not necessarily

inexpensive) decorative replicas (with fake gold-chromed tsubas, for example). So when you put this one on your site, I instantly knew I'd found the real deal, and knew what a prize it was. This

And unlike some shopping experiences on the Web, this sword is actually much MORE impressive in real life than in your display photos, which don't do it justice at all.

I am so impressed with the craftsmanship and detail on this tachi. I'm glad I chose the Brown and Orange one, as the speckled "burnt" orange enamel on the saya is really elegant--much more than one can tell from the pictures on your website. (I was afraid it might be a bright, garish orange, or a Chinese red, but it's not.) It's very authentic looking and I'm delighted by how closely it resembles some of the most distinctive historic tachi that are exhibited in my photo-books of Japanese Samurai swords.

Thank you very much for carrying this line, and know that your efforts and service are well appreciated.


Dear Shawn:

I got my products as promised and thank you for your excellent service on the sword bag, cover and shipping!!

I will use your store from now on for other products: I have a need for a few Iaido Swords and will be placing an order!!


A very satisfied customer



I am continuously impressed and pleased with the products you offer!  Not only are they reasonably priced, but they are of good quality as well.  Not a very common combo.  I have received my practical + wakazashi, and it looks good-- cuts really well too!  this is the 5th sword I have ordered from you, and there will be more.  Feel free to post this on your site if you would like-- I tell people to shop your site if they are looking for good Japanese weapons, kinda like free advertising!
J. Hernandez


I received your product today. Thank you for you expedient delivery. It was very well packaged and in perfect condition.  I hope to do further purchasing from you in the future. After I have tested it I again will notify you.  Iím sure it will prove itself.  Thank  You again. Jerry  


I just wanted to let You know that I received my Practical katana in the mail today.
Great looking sword Thanks very much for the speedy delivery.  I will Definitely Order from you again. thx


Thank you, Mr. Salafia!
Every item that I have ordered from Mantis in the past has been the highest quality.  I believe that this is a testament to the excellent level of in-house quality control procedures, since (as I am sure you already know) it is not always easy to deal with production items from Hanwei.  This also makes Mantis an excellent resource for the growing community of sword enthusiasts.
The fact that you honored the price-matching offer really seals it for me.  From now on, I will never shop elsewhere for production swords except Mantis.
I am confident that I will be able to maintain this opinion of Mantis with the arrival of the Tiger tanto.  I hope you will be pleased to know that I am planning on writing a good review for it on SFI.  More people in the community need to hear about Mantis!
Thank you again for everything.
J.H. Lee


Just a short note to say that I have received my Practical Katana today in good condition. It is indeed everything I expected . Just for your database information the Trinidad and Tobago duty charge , if imported

for personal use works out to be roughly $140.00TT. I really

appreciate the manner in which my transaction was processed. Thanks again.

D. St George


Dear Shawn:

I've received the Black Cane Sword right now, fast like thunder... Thank you very much for the great service and even this greater and original cane. I will be shopping-doing business here more to buy...

Please: put my positive feedback on your site.

Best regards.

Un cordial Saludo desde Salamanca, EspaŮa. David.


dear Shawn
amazing... it arrived today 0730.
I was furious, who rings at the door at Saturday morning 0730... but...  ;-) ...nice sword nice reason to get up early ... I will have lots of fun with it...
two days after ordering it from the us it is in Switzerland... good work - great service..


Just thought I would let you  know that I received my Practical Plus Katana. The sword exceeded my expectations. Just thought I would let you  know that I received my Practical Plus Katana. The sword exceeded my expectations. Just thought I would let you  know that I received my Practical Plus Katana. The sword exceeded my expectations. Just thought I would let you  know that I received my Practical Plus Katana. The sword exceeded my expectations. Just thought I would let you  know that I received my Practical Plus Katana. The sword exceeded my expectations. Just thought I would let you  know that I received my Practical Plus Katana. The sword exceeded my expectations. Just thought I would let you  know that I received my Practical Plus Katana. The sword exceeded my expectations. Just thought I would let you  know that I received my Practical Plus Katana. The sword exceeded my expectations. Just thought I would let you  know that I received my Practical Plus Katana. The sword exceeded my expectations. Just thought I would let you  know that I received my Practical Plus Katana. The sword exceeded my expectations. Just thought I would let you  know that I received my Practical Plus Katana. The sword exceeded my expectations. Just thought I would let you  know that I received my Practical Plus Katana. The sword exceeded my expectations. Just thought I would let you  know that I received my Practical Plus Katana. The sword exceeded my expectations. Just thought I would let you  know that I received my Practical Plus Katana. The sword exceeded my expectations. Just thought I would let you  know that I received my Practical Plus Katana. The sword exceeded my expectations. Just thought I would let you  know that I received my Practical Plus Katana. The sword exceeded my expectations. Just thought I would let you  know that I received my Practical Plus Katana. The sword exceeded my expectations. Just thought I would let you  know that I received my Practical Plus Katana. The sword exceeded my expectations. Just thought I would let you  know that I received my Practical Plus Katana. The sword exceeded my expectations. Just thought I would let you  know that I received my Practical Plus Katana. The sword exceeded my expectations.
        JS (USA)


Mantis Swords,
I recently purchased a sword cane from your company, the quality was more than I expected. I purchased the Black Lacquer finish skull cane. It is very dressy and I use a cane a lot. It is supporting my weight (200 Lbs.)
I will make another purchase soon.
M. Payne


Dear Shawn,

                 I have just got my Practical Pro Katana, I'm really amazed for the toughness and high quality of the product, please, feel free to post this up, again, thank you so much for your service and product, good luck!.


J Fernando Breccia


I received my wakizashi today. I am very pleased. I will be definitely be doing business with you in the future. Thanks.



I received my forged cane sword earlier this week and I couldn't be more pleased with the quality and I am continually impressed by the service that I receive from Mantis Swords. I can't wait to do business again soon. Thanks again,


Hello Shawn,

the sword arrived here a few days ago in a very good shape. Thanks alot for the fast and professional delivery and service. The sword is very beautiful and it exceeded my expectations.

Thanks very much

Dr.Thomas K.


Hi, I just wanted to say that Mantisswords has the best service I've experienced yet.  I will definitely be ordering from you again,
Thank you,

First of all before I talk about the sword, I'd like to thank Mantis Swords and it's entire billing staff for making a payment plan which allowed me to receive a sword like this by agreeing to a biweekly plan until the balance was paid off. What great cooperation!
At about 3:40 PM today, I had received my Tsunami Samurai sword and as I open it up, the first thing I noticed was the beautiful scabbard that concealed the sword and next, the quality. The sword is an Excellent sword.  You guys will be hearing again from me soon.  Thanks Again.
C Edwards



I received my Musashi sword yesterday, thanks so much for extreme speed of delivery! The sword is superb! I am very happy with both the quality and great price! You will always have my business and I will refer everyone in my dojo as well.


Tony Z


I receive my package on Wednesday. I'm very happy with my sword and am extremely pleased in the speed in which i got here. I will be sure to order from you again.


I just received my Practical Straight Katana Sword and let me say it is a very nice looking piece.  For the price Mantis Swords is offering it for you just can't go wrong. 
 David V.


I have just received my practical katana, and I would truly like to thank you in terms of the excellent customer service, and shipping. The practical katana is truly a beautiful work of art.

Subject: Thank You

I just received my Practical Plus Katana. The superb quality of the sword became evident the instant I touched it. I'm very, very pleased with it! Thank you!

Chuck W.

Searcy, Arkansas


I just want to thank you for your follow up and expedient processing of my order. The order was placed on the weekend and, surprisingly, I received this confirmation e-mail shortly afterward. The items were received via UPS by Tuesday without issue.

This is my second order from Mantis and I couldn't be happier with the service. You can't ask for more than an two business days from the time you place an order to the time it is received. Your commitment to excellent service is clear and this should maintain a loyal customer following for Mantis Sword. Thanks again for the outstanding service and product offering.



Hello sword arrived a day ago most impressed with quick delivery to little old NZ, The practical plus Katana is of exceptional quality many thanks will give more feedback after test cuts 

cheers Jason New Zealand 


Subject: Black Cane Sword

I am sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I received the Black Cane Sword and it was just as advertised and I am very happy with it.

Thank You




thank you sooo much >:D.I just got my PKII today, i LOVE IT! i was so excited, after i got it out of the box, i set the UPS box it came in up in my garage and chopped it to bits. <3 its a beautiful thing, i cant wait to do more business with u and your site, the prices are great! <_< now to just earn a few more bucks.

-Jeff F.






I received my order last night and was very pleased. It's nice to know that I can count on Mantis Swords to send quality examples. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. In fact, I am browsing your web page right now.

Thank you

Vaughn G.


Hi Shawn,

  Wow! Thanks for that gracious offer, but I wouldnít do that to anyone. It just doesnít seem fair. With employees, kids, two dogs and a wife Ė I now allow for lifeís ďmistakesĒ and yours was certainly just an oversight - albeit an excitable one for me as Iíve been admiring this type of sword for awhile.

  Thanks-a-million; you are indeed a class-act!

  Regards, Mark


Hello Shawn,

I have received today, the banshee. It 's very beautiful.

Thank so much.



Excellent! The Item I ordered arrived on Friday November 4th it's a fine cutting blade I plan to order something else in the near future.
-Malcolm S.


Hi Shawn,

Just a note to let you know I received the product this past week and it's even nicer than I expected -- thank you very much for the great service and even greater product.

Best wishes,


Boise, Idaho


Wow! Even with all the positive feedback I am truly amazed! What a beautiful sword. I will definitely order from you again in the future. Thank you so much for your wonderful business. Keep up the good work.



You can show my comment on your web site.

Dear Sirs,

I have received yesterday the helmet, very swift delivery indeed! The quality is wonderful for such a low price. I will not hesitate to order you further articles.

With my best regards,

A Froidevaux

Geneva, Switzerland


Package received 9th December after clearing customs 22nd November!!!!  Africa!
Thank you,


I just got my package today, everything got here great! I wanted to thank you guys for such a speedy delivery, and the stand is beautiful as well.
Thanks again,

I just received the sword. I have only one word to say: WOW!!!!

Thanks for everything



Hi Shawn,

I received my butterfly knives a few weeks ago. They are beautiful. Thank you for getting them out to me before Christmas.



You guys are awesome! I got the sword the day before Christmas. My husband loves it so much that he has to show it to everyone. He walks around very proud to be carrying such a glorious sword.

Thank-you for helping me get him the perfect gift!

Happy Holidays!



I received my package on the scheduled date, it was fine. I'm happy and looking forward to getting my next package from you guys. i will spread the word about your site to friends b/c I've been very impressed and happy with you products and professionalism. plus, your prices are decent and realistic compared to other places. (i don't feel like I'm getting ripped off.)

-J. H.


Hi~! Just Wanted to Tell U/ the Arrow Heads came to day~!
They are Great i love them thanks for UR/Very Fast Service~!
& Great Product I'm Sure We will be Doing more Bizness~
Thanks Larry


You know what, Mantis Sword's has always been the best!! Bar none, best support, best communication, best understanding, and the best prices. And always there with a personnel touch unlike any other!!!  



Hello Shawn, I received my Kin Tori Dai-Sho today, in exultant condition!  Words alone do not say enough about this set, the figures on the tsuba jump right out at you, and blue lacquer on the saya shines like a jewel! Do you remember what I said about the pictures on your web site, how they were great pictures? In this case a picture just isn't enough, you have to hold this beautiful set in your hands to appreciate it!!! I also received the Practical Plus Wakizashi, I am as impressed with it as I was the Katana! Today is a Great Day! Thanks to all at Mantis, their great people, service and prices. All together Mantis is unbeatable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                     C.W."Buck" R.


I just received the sword.  It is TOP QUALITY!  Thank you. 
D Ward


Hey, Shawn. I just received the cane sword a couple of days ago. Wow, Totally love it. Thank you very much. Your friend. Paul a. Torres


Thank you Manits swords i have just received my black cane sword and it is more than i expected i will be a returning customer.
-New jersey


Hello Shawn,

Thanks so much for such a wonderful sword! It is totally perfect, not a scratch on it. And such a swift delivery.



Thank you very much, overall I am very impressed with the service provided by your website and I will definitely be making future purchases.

Dear Shawn,
Thanks a lot for the service, I receive the katana on dec 30 and was a very nice present for new year, I only waiting thw wakizashi.
best regards and Happy New year.


I order "Wind and Thunder" sword, it came yesterday.  It's a very NICE sword, everything that you say it is and more.  This is my second sword I bough from you and both are excellent swords. Thanks.


thank you so much for the wonderful service and sword the practical katana from your site blew my expectations away never expected such a well balanced beautiful piece glad I held out to get it from you. thanks again ......
 j p


i hope this is the right place to say that i couldn't be happier with the service i received. my practical pro katana is just the beginning of the things i plan on ordering from you and it has passed all expectation. you guys are great. thanks again.
j thomas








Hi Mantisswords,
     I just want to say thank you for such amazing customer service and super quick delivery. I received my Practical Plus Katana II today and wow am i impressed with it. Fantastic build quality and its very very sharp. :D   A truly superb sword.


I received the sword last night. I love it! Shipped in perfect shape, the sword is exactly what I was looking for. I'm very very satisfied. Good job!!




Thank You Shawn,
I received the sword stand I ordered today and it's a beauty, well worth the wait. It really makes a statement.
Again, thank you for your efforts and very fine service.
D. Cleaver


Dear Shawn: I received my Hanwei Practical Plus Katana II today, the sword arrived in perfect condition! And it is everything I expected and more!! I especially like the star burst tsuba, I could ramble on about the complete sword, but will sum it up by saying the sword is beautiful and the service from you and everyone at Mantis Swords was outstanding!!! And when I decide to step up on my next order it will be from MANTIS SWORDS!!!  Thanks again...........       C.W. in Ca.       


Hello mantis, my name is Josh.. I just bought the practical katana 2 and frankly...i have never seen a nicer sword in my hole entire life. I own 10 swords ( all of them are samurai swords ) and this one is my favorite. It was also the cheapest sword on the site and still, its quality was unbeatable. Thank you mantis swords for being the number one dealer i will look at when i am looking to buy a samurai katana...



Thank you i had just received my black cane sword i ordered it Monday and received it Wednesday. the product was more than i expected. I will be a returning customer

K.D. - New Jersey


Hello Shawn,

I received the sword (Practical Katana II) a couple of days ago, it was stuck in customs, but, well, that things happen. Anyway, the sword is gorgeous, and it is missing nothing. I am really happy with my purchase and most of all with the fast service you guys provide.

Thank you very much.



Thanks Shawn,

I have to say I have been extremely impressed with the quality of the service you offer as well as the sword I received. I will be recommending you to anyone who asks about getting good usable swords.

Thanks again for all your help,



Thank you again.

I received my Practical Tanto this morning and am pleased to say my first purchase from Mantis Swords was perfect. Well packed, inspected as requested and delivered on time. Thank you kindly

R. Hagelganz


Hi Shawn,

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I received the swords yesterday. I was really surprised that it only took four days for the swords to be delivered to an address in the UK! In fact, I'm so satisfied with the speed of delivery and standard of service that I think it's fair to say that you can expect another order in the near future.


PS Please feel free to use this e-mail on your comments page.


Dear Mantis Swords,

I received the Wind and Thunder Katana last week; it looks beautiful to me (of course I'm not the one to impress); I'm certain my fiance will love the gift. Thank you for your service.

C. R. Chapel Hill, NC


Hello Shawn,

I just wanted to compliment you on your customer service and the quality of the item I ordered. I will definitely order from your site again.

Thanks, M. Culich


Dear Shawn,
     I've just received the practical II katanaI've bought from your site. The delivery was swift and the sword is beautiful. The katana sliced through the goza mats I've bought with almost no resistance and came out clean. Thank you for such wonderful swords at such a reasonable price.
                                                             William R.


Thank you very much. I appreciate the great customer service, and the practical katana is fantastic. You run a great site, and I will definitely be a returning customer.

thanks again,



Thank you very much for the tracking information. I must say that I'm impressed with you're very timely response and the amount of info that was sent.
Thank you,
Ryan Lewis


Hello Shawn,

My packages is arrived today in very good conditions. All was alright, and I'm very well surprised with the black cane, because the quality is high, and the hamon is so beautiful !

Thank you very much Have a nice day.

A Horcholle



Hi Shawn

I got the sword bag today and it's gorgeous, thank you! And very very fast delivery. Many many thanks - I'm sure Mark will absolutely love it.



  Just thought I'd let you know i got my order, and that I am very pleased with the katana and wakizashi!!!  Shipped Monday, and received Friday 
 I have long been a fan of the Samurai myth and history, and have dreamed of owning a set of quality swords. But all that seemed to be available were the El-cheapo 20 dollar swords.  So i was thrilled when I found your site that sold high quality swords at affordable prices.
  I'm looking forward to doing business with you in the future!!!
Take care
D. A.
Rogers Ark.


Hi Shawn,

The Nami katana I purchased for my son is of excellent quality & craftsmanship. A great improvement from the wood swords he has trained with in the past. Your prices are unmatched, we look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

Thanks again, D.P. California


Thanks for your great service. I will be purchasing many items in the future. Everything with my practical katana was perfect from service to product!!!!

K. Davis


Hi Shawn: the Practical II katana arrived yesterday.  Pleasantly surprised. Nice balance and razor sharp. Very good workmanship.  thanks


I cannot overstate my appreciation for your service, selection and price.  Yesterday was my sonís birthday and today he will receive his dream gift.  Now if I can just get him to clean his room!

  Again thank you and I look forward to much future business with your superb company.

  Paul K. Z.


Hi Shawn,

Received my order in a short amount of time and it is excellent quality, will be doing more business with you in the future.


Thank you so much for the Hanwei single sword carrying bag; it's just what I need and is much more than what I expected. It looks very durable and has lots of pockets for accessories, and it fit my sword just right. Your service was also very helpful, timely, and the product arrived quickly and in great shape.

Thanks again, I'll remember Mantis Swords.



i received my tiger wakizashi a few days ago, and wow! i was totally blown away, it is the most beautiful sword i have ever seen, and it only took 4 days to get to me.



Dear Mantis Swords,   Just wanted to say thank you for the great sword (Practical katana Plus Katana II)!  It's worth every penny.  Not only was the shipping fast but the shipping price was extremely reasonable!  One of the greatest companies I've ever dealt with.  I will definitely be shopping here more to buy all my sword and accessories.  Once again thank you very much.  

  K. B United States


I have recently purchased the Musashi Sword set plus the Oda Nobunaga helmet. It is easy to sum up your service and products in one word. Great !


R (New Zealand)



Just wanted to write and say awesome service. I ordered my Tsuru Iaito on Saturday and it arrived already on Thursday. It is a gorgeous sword. Thanks again for the great service.

L D - Michigan


Dear Shawn,
            Thank you for your speedy reply and service. I received my sword on Monday just as promised. It is beyond what I had hoped for. I am completely satisfied with its quality and workman ship. Thank you again, I look forward to shopping with you in the future.
                                             J R.


Thank you so very much for a truly fine product.
My TSUNAMI WAKIZASHI arrived about an hour ago via UPS. It was delivered in perfect condition and it is truly a beautiful example of hand workmanship by a sword smith who has a unique skill. I surely appreciate all the effort and caring that went into it's making, ordering and shipping at your end, and I thank myself for contacting your company in the first place.



Thank you very much fantastic iaito balance quality feeling 100% super fast delivery just getting some orders from other students will be back.
thank you
mr s y


Hello, this is P. L. again, I've just received the Practical Katana sword I ordered some time ago, thank you so much! it's just what I wanted. I have a couple of friends down here who also collect certain swords as I do, and truthfully they were completely impressed. For the price and quality it is one of the best made swords we have ever seen. thanks again, for the service, the manufacturing, maintaining in contact, and the timing. take care, hope to make business with you again soon. Puerto Rico


Hello Shawn,

I placed an order for a couple of Paul Chen Tsubas last Saturday, then placed another order that Monday...BOTH orders arrived on Wednesday! Thanks for quick shipping and great prices! I was just going to buy one or two, but I'm hooked and will be ordering more. Thanks again,

J. S.


Please put this in your feedback section.  I received my practical Katana II today and am VERY happy with it.  I thank you for the fast transaction and the quality sword at such an affordable price.



dear mantis swords. i received my practical katana ii a few days ago. you guys have fast service. the sword is beautiful and fits well in my hand and also has great balance. it is very sharp and over many test cuts, not one nick on the blade appeared. this is the best sword i own and you guys must value quality and craftsmanship




The sword arrived yesterday. It is great and thanks for the wonderful and efficient service!!

M. H. F.


Heh. Well you guys are quick! The same day I ordered you processed my order. I love fast processing. Some companies have nice shipping options, but take over a week to process the order. I like your quick processing and shipping times. You also responded lightning quick to my query about one of your products; which encouraged me to make my purchase the following day. I love good e-mail support. The sword is great. I asked my teacher about this company and he knew right away that you guys are known for quality. I've never been to your story in a physical way. But you're quality shows through your products and online presents. I like the weight of my sword. Good quality. Though I wish you could use 36" blade. But other than that the quality is pretty nice & your price is fantastic! Thanks for such quick, excellent service! Also, you should keep the option of sharpened swords. I found your exact sword at two other places but you were the ONLY one who offered it sharpened right at the order page. I will be returning by the end of June for those butterfly swords I enquired about!


dear shawn

yesterday i received my practical plus 2, and MAN THIS SWORD IS AWESOME! just wanted to let u know i really appreciate it and u can count on me coming back for any more of my weaponry needs (well, hellashisly WANTS). THANKS! B.


Hi Shawn,

   The katana arrived today as promised, thank you, the blade is exquisite and your service was excellent. Iíll contact you when Iím ready to complete the set. After owning a lot of lesser quality blades it is truly a delight to own such a work of art. Thanks again.



    Thank you for the great communication your company provided and I will be sure to tell other collectors about your company.  I really appreciate your customer service thank you again.

             Sincerely D.


My sword arrived today. I am extremely pleased with the obvious quality, and will immediately begin saving for one of the more "elite" swords you sell. I am a very satisfied customer.




Hi Shawn,

Just letting you know I just received my nami katana and it is excellent. Thank you very much and I'm looking forward to ordering from you again in the future.

A. L.


Dear Mantis Swords,

Thank you for the safe delivery of my order. For a similar price to the decorative (ie- stainless steel) items here in Australia, I was able to import a functional blade. Quality is very good, and I will be doing business with you again.


J.W. Perth - Australia


Hello Shawn,
Received my Katana Plus II today. What a great quality! I can not wait to test it.
I am curious when you are selling tachi's.
L. H.


Mantis Swords,

Thank you for such speedy response and delivery! I just received my Practical Plus II Katana today, right on time. The blade and mounts are very satisfactory (especially the fuchi and kashira with cherry blossoms).



Hello Shawn,

I just wanted to thank you for the great customer service. I received my tactical tanto on May 7, exactly 3 days after I placed the order. It looks great and feels a lot more expensive that what I paid.

Cheers, J


Dear Mantis Swords,
Received my order of throwing knives and Kake Dai Sho helmet. Amazing!!! Thank you so much for you service, you guys are great.
Amjad, United Kingdom


Dear Mantis sword,  my order has arrived today in good condition. Thank you for the fast communications and service. m.d. in hawaii


Hey Shawn,

I received my Practical Plus Katana II tonight, and I'm loving it. Great sword for a great price. I wanted to thank you for your quick and reliable service throughout our dealings with each other. I most definitely look forward to doing business again in the future and I will be recommending your web site to some of my friends and practice partners. Thanks!




I received the Practical Katana II and I am well pleased. The workmanship is excellent, and the blade is everything I expected for less than I would ever have thought to pay. I will definitely be ordering the companion Wakizashi. The delivery was fast, and I was pleasantly surprised by the cloth bag as well.

Thank you for the great service and the great product!



Hi Mantis,


I recieved my Practical Plus Katana II today and I am extremely(Croatia) is half way across the world, and yet the sword came in perfect condition. Really the best sword u can get for this money. Feel free to post this up. Great work!


Now a question: can the handle be removed from tang and how do I do it?


Keep up the great work!




Hello Shawn!

the PPK has just arrived, safely packaged and perfectly oiled! Thank you very much for the patience that you answered my many emails with, for the prompt shipping and for the superior quality of the merchandise! If you want, you can put my more than positive feedback on your site.
Thanks again,
Alessio Rome Italy


Wow!  I just got my Practical Katana II today, I must say I am IMPRESSED.  I ordered it on Wednesday, I was expecting to get it on Tuesday.  But today is Friday!  You guys have incredible service.  I couldn't be happier with my sword, it's beautiful (and sharp too boy).  Thank you again, you guys obviously value quality.  I can't wait until the day I can buy from Mantis again.  P.S. feel free to put this in your testimonials section.  I'm telling everybody in my dojo to check out your site.

received my order and I am very happy about my order I am not an expert with martial art weapon but this item really looks professional product especially the sword and the arnis. Good balance on the Hanwei katana sword. Thanks and your site is recommendable


Hi Shawn,

I received my practical plus today, and I am very impressed.  Thank you for the transaction, and I will be sure to recommend you!

E. H.


Hi Shawn,

today I received the Practical Katana Plus. What a fast service! The Sword is really a great thing, a perfect work! I thank you very much.

Greetings from Switzerland






To Mantis Swords,

    I had recently ordered the Gorin Iaito katana and I was so pleased with it I just had to order another
sword from you. So next I ordered the Nami Iaito katana. Both of these swords are great!! If you decide
to sell any other styles of Iaito swords you can be sure that I'll be one of the first to buy them. Thank you
for your quick service and I look forward to doing business with you again very soon.


have to tell you, I've had the Practical Katana for a few weeks now and I could not be happier, thank you guys so much. It works very well for cutting, when i was practicing it had the cleanest cut i have ever seen, thats why i'm going to buy the P. Plus katana.

you can email me back at EXXXXXX@cox.net


Dear Sir,

It is nice to know that there are still business out there who are honorable enough to stand by there word or in this case print regardless of how elementary the problem. It is fitting that your products are noble weapons of old. Like the honorable katana stay sharp, honorable and true and never waver no matter how tempting lawlessness can become.

Thank you and hope to do business with you again soon.



Dear Mantis Swords-

My gratitude cannot be fully expressed in words. I received my order very quickly, 4 business days after I placed the order I had one Paul Chen Practical Wakizashi in my hands. The quality of the weapon is excellent. I am learning a bit if Iaido-style swordsmanship from my martial arts instructor; he was so impressed by the blade that he intends to order a Paul Chen wakizashi from you in the near future as well. Thank you for your expedience and excellent service,



Hi Shawn. I just received today my New Practical Katana II. I am very impressed with the quality, looks and feel of this, my first real Katana. I order it on Friday and today Wednesday it's here. It even came with a Cloth Bag that is very useful. This new sword is Great, I can't take my eyes from it. Great service, great Swords. Looking forward to do more business in the future. Thank you again.
                                                                                       M. A. M.


the sword is everything I expected, and I just want to thank ya'll at mantis for staying true to quality.



Dear Shawn

        I'm absolutely stunned with the beauty and craftsmanship of the blade. It is the most beautiful thing i have seen in a long time. I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase and have no second thoughts about I will definitely continue being one of mantis swords happy costumers. 
                                                                                                 J. M.


Hi, I received my order yesterday and I just wanted to thank you for the really quick delivery! I ordered on Thursday and the sword arrived Tuesday afternoon. Excellent service. I have trained with swords for 17 years, and when my old one broke I never thought I would find quality again. I was wrong, you've delivered an excellent product one that I hope I will never have to replace! Thank you Shawn!

C. L.


Received my sword cane this evening, and I must say it is of excellent quality, and actually more than I expected for the minimal price. Thanks so very much. I will contact you the first of the month with another order.

Regards, J.


I just wish to thank you for the Practical Katana Plus sword that I ordered.  An upper rank in my Aikido dojo inspected the sword and made a stunning cut with it.  He was pleased with its weight, balance, construction, etc.  This may become the sword that our dojo recommends to 1st Dan students.  In Aikido I have at least a year more of study before I become 1st Dan.  I'm in no great hurry, however.  I simply enjoy practice.  But the sword will serve me well in the meantime.
Best regards,
. G.


Just arrived!

your service is very fast: 6 working days to receive the Iaito in Italy: great! you answered to ALL my mail (a lot of mail...) quickly I like the Gorin Iaito, well detailed, large and easy to handle bag. I hope in further business with you.

M.  P.

you can put my feedback in your site, in Italian is:

Appena arrivato! servizio rapidissimo, 6 giorni lavorativi per ricevere lo iaito in Italia: grande! avete risposto a TUTTE le mie mail (molte mail) immediatamente Mi piace lo iaito Gorin, ben rifinito, la borsa Ť ampia e comoda. Spero di fare ancora affari con voi

M.  P.


Hello Mr. Salafia

I just received my PPK (practical plus katana) today and I'm loving it!! I just wanted to thank you for great service and real time communication! I'll be back again!!

A. T.


I received the 29 inch Gorin today. I am thrilled with it's performance. I shall continue to pass on information about your store to all my iaido friends.

J. M.


dear Shawn, katana arrived Tuesday Kathy brought it, I must compliment you on a superb piece of craftsmanship, I'm more than fully satisfied I must say I'm a bit of a   perfectionist, and mantisswords, certainly came through for me, looking forward to other item ( wakizashi) also other goods in near future, I will definitely recommend this    site to (responsible friends, and family, ) thank you Shawn for good shipping , good service, good delivery, good contact, many, many, Thanks..........    

G.S England


Good morning Shawn,
You know what, you guys are so fast, I just got the order last night, when I got home! Wow, that's all I have to say.
what I was going to ask was if I could switch the wakizashi order for a katana, but I love the wakizashi now that I got it. What I am going to do is order the Iaido katana next week (payday)
Thank you so much for getting back to me so fast. Thank you for everything, and what a great job you guys are doing.
have a wonderful day.


Wow, talk about responsive. Your service is not measured in days or hours, but in seconds. Thank you, thank you...perfect. This is exactly what I need.

Thanks again.

B. E.


The Templar arrived today. It was just like I remembered from having handled one once. It is beautiful, and the balance on it is just what I was looking for.

M. B. WA


Thank you Shawn. Your the best and I always love the products that Mantis' has to offer. I'm eager and looking forward to seeing the sword. Again, thank you very much. Respectfully M.  F.


Hi Shawn.

I just wanted to thank you for being so accommodating with my order. I received the Golden Oriole katana (kin tori) that I ordered and it's absolutely exquisite! Your company's service was also wonderful (very fast, and the sword was packaged extremely well). Thanks again!

Best regards,

E. Pittsburgh, PA


i have just received my cane today , and wanted to tell you how delighted i am . The craftsmanship is awesome . I hope to do more business with you in the future.

Thank you .

J. W.


Mantis Swords:

I've received my ordered items on Friday, January 2nd 2004. My package contained a 28 in. Gorin Iaito, and the free Mini Tachi letter opener. I thought I'd e-mail you to thank you for your quick service, and let you know that everything is great. I've begun training with the Gorin, and I am quite satisfied. I hardly let it leave my side. In fact, it's next to me now as I write this. The letter opener is amusing, and quite a bit sharper than I thought it would be. I hope to do business with you again sometime in the future. Domo arigatou gozeimashita.

M. M.


I just wanted to say how much I enjoy my new straight katana. It certainly was a pleasant surprise and well worth the money. I was a little concerned about ordering online, but you've definitely made a believer out of me. It is a great sword and exactly what I wanted. Again, thank you very much. SGT M. F.


Mr. Salafia, I just received my sword today and I must say that I am impressed with the feel of it. I look forward to purchasing other items in the future.


Received my Tsuba order. They are perfect, can't decide which one I will use on the sword that I'm putting together and which will be displayed with my Tsuba collection. Thanks for a great a great product & quick service, I will be ordering more from your company in the future.

A. K.


hi I just received my sword at 2:30 pm today and I am really please to how well it is made. thanks a lot and ill be doing more business with you in later days thanks a lot bye


Dear Mantis Swords:
        Hi, I just wanted to let you know that my order came in today.  I was very excited when it arrived.  I must say I am very pleased with my swords, my practical katana and wakizashi are very beautiful, and they feel great.  They came very fast also, I ordered them on Monday and today is Thursday, that's 3 days!  Thank you very much, I am sure you will be hearing from me again in the future.

Sincerely, T.


nice again thank you and your staff for the GREAT!! service. I received Daito letter opener and cleaning kit yesterday. I hope you and yours have a great holiday.

M. R.



THANKS, D. C.  :>)


WOW what service SHAWN!!!. I am impressed once again! with you and your staff. .I look forward to my new cleaning and my free gift .THANKS AGAIN. (customer ordered two practical katanas)

M. R.



Hi B. W. here from Australia. Thank you for the sword. It's very impressive and I was surprised when it arrived so quickly. I'll recommend you for any one looking to buy a sword. Thanks again.

B. W.


    I received my Jutte and Katana today, They are the perfect tools to continue my training, Thank you.
-J. W.


I got the sword. I cant believe how fast you got it to me, within 24 hrs of ordering it I had it in my hands. I love it, it feels and looks great. This is my first real sword and I couldn't be more pleased. (customer ordered a Practical Plus Katana)

N. C.


I like your site and the prices. Customer service, Lisa was very polite and patient to answer my questions. Shawn's e-mail response was quick. I definitely plan to order from here again.



Dear Mantis Swords,

I received my $90.00 cane sword, from your company, today. I am very pleased. You obviously care about your craftsmanship. I can only imagine what your $500.00 cane swords are like. If I make more money, then I will be back. In the mean time, I am very happy with my purchase.


A. L.


I would just like to say that your swords are beautiful.  Even from the digital photos I've seen they look remarkable

M. B.


The Dao arrived today and is very satisfactory in all respects. This is my second edged weapon from Mantis Swords and I have been pleased with both items. I look forward to doing business with you again!
 W. B.
North Hartland VT

hello Shawn ,

just received my sword today ,build quality is very good especially the hanom thanks to every body for a fast and friendly service . (customer bought a Bushido katana)

R. A. 4th Dan Shotokan Karate.Devon England


I'd like to start off by saying that my order has reached me in excellent condition. The Practical Kung-Fu is beautiful, the tiger on rock tsuba is lovely.

A.S. Portland, OR


thank you mantis swords. as always a pleasure doing business with you

R.B Dallas, TX


everything has arrived in perfect condition, was a pleasure doing business with you.

F. S. San Diego, CA


Thanks so much. The book and tape arrived while I was at work today. .Excellent!! They were exactly as I had hoped they were. . My deepest thanks for such great service. I will be doing more shopping with you. . In the near future.

W.G.M. Manchester, United Kingdom


Thanks for your speedy service in my recent purchase of a Paul Chen Practical Straight Katana. I placed the order on Sunday the 8th of December, and received it yesterday, the 13th of December. Your regular price was $40 less than my local sword dealer's price for the same sword... I'm very pleased with the sword and your service, and would recommend your dealership to anyone else buying swords. And you can quote me on that, or put this e-mail on your website.

J. S. Colorado Springs, CO


Happy Holidays to you, too! Thank you for your service and your product. As you know, I have ordered a few swords you offer. I am very pleased with them. I do "cut" with them and I have been very pleased with their performance. I look forward to doing business with you in 2003! 


Michael !


I received the Tsuba today and it is great! I will use your site again and recommend it to others.

Thanks again...

S. Fries


Thank you for your services.  I am satisfied with the products and I am glad to have done business with you.
R. S. Orlando, FL


My name is ########.  I've purchased from Mantis before and I swear by you guys.  Mantisswords is a site I tell all my friends about.   Keep up the awsome work!! 



Thank you very much for the confirmation, I appreciate your speed in dealing with my order and how efficient you have been.

Thanks again

Yours faithfully

A. T. Devon, United Kingdom


Thanks again. Your service is awesome. I have quite a few friends that are either sword collectors or martial artists and I will definitely be recommending Mantis Swords to all of them.

Thanks a bunch, L. Dowagiac, MI


This is not a question or a complaint, so you're probably not expecting to read an email like mine.  I just wanted to tell you how anxious and excited I am about getting the bamboo katana you're selling.  I have made several weekly payments for it and I guess I'm about half way there.  Every Friday I am happier than the last because I know it won't be as long until you ship it to me.  You're store is the best I have seen yet, as far as customer service is concerned.  You matched the price of a competitor, gave me the option of a payment plan, and impressed me with impressed me with your kindness and sincerity when I called with a couple of questions.  Thank you for making me happy.  You guys are doing a great job, and it's important that you know that.



I got my sword yesterday. It is, without a doubt, the best sword for under $200. I am very happy and will refer as many customers as I can. Thanx again.

J.H. St. Louis Park, MN

p.s. when i am ready for a good sword, you will be hearing from me.


Hello, my name is ### and I just recently purchased a practical katana (order # 999999) from your company.  I am just writing this brief email to tell you how satisfied I am with your company.  Everything about the transaction was good.  The price was lower than I expected and the workmanship of the katana has exceeded my expectations.  Also my order was processed and shipped promptly and I was notified in a friendly manner that my order had been shipped.  So I am just saying thanks, and I look forward to doing business with your company in the future.
Thanks again,
R.W. Mokena, IL


I received both Tsuba yesterday in good shape, as always they are of excellent workmanship and quality.  Thank you.


T. T. Allegan, MI


Received my order earlier this week. Very nice. Thank you. Look forward to doing business with you again.



Thanks Shawn,

I received the sword early this week (Monday) and I was impressed with the quality of the item. Thanks for ensuring that it was in good shape.

M. M. Scottsdale, AZ


Hello Shawn:

I received the Katana and Tachi yesterday they are truly wonderful swords as well as works of art.  I am anxiously awaiting the other Tachi and the picture.  Your attention to the customer and your service are outstanding and your products are unequaled.  I enjoy doing business with you and your associates.  Keep up the good work.


T. T. Allegan, MI


My katana and other items arrived in perfect shape ,thanks for great customer service I will recommend you to all of the members of my Dojo.

T.M.H Norway


Dear Sir, 

Recently I have been previewing your line of Japanese blades and I must say that I am quite impressed with the selection. Your company from my point of view has taken the time to bring quality, cutting blades to martial art practitioners and collecting enthusiasts alike. In this regard I would like to thank you.



    I'm writing to tell you that i just got my practical plus katana in today and i am very pleased by it (since it is my first sword) and would like to compliment you on the speed of the deliver since i ordered  thursday night, it shipped friday, and i got it today on wednesday. well thanks a lot again.
J. R. Pascagoula, M.S.



We also offer Medieval weapons, Japanese swords, Samurai swords, Antiques, old swords, tantos and Naginata. Mantis swords is known for its large selection of Chinese knives, Oriental swords and Martial Arts weapons. You will find many sword parts such as tsubas, silk bags, sword stands and cleaning kits on our site. We also offer sword cleaning kits, cane swords, Tachi long swords, Scottish swords, Celtic swords, Japanese katana, Japanese samurai swords, folded steel swords and Tai Chi swords. You will find a wide array of Japanese helmets and samurai armor. We have many ninja items such as shuriken, throwing stars, shaken, throwing spikes, manriki gusari, ninja swords, ninja katanas, ninja books and practice wooden shinai. All of our Japanese weapons are battle ready and may be used for cutting mats. The Oriental swords have all been sharpened. however, the medieval weapons, Celtic, renaissance and  European weapons and swords have no edge. Our swords have been custom hand-made in traditional ways. The Oriental swords and medieval weapons blades are clay fired to produce a true temper line. The samurai swords and Japanese swords have true hamon lines from the clay firing process. If there is any medieval weapons, Japanese swords or samurai swords that you do not see on our site, please email from the link below. Our medieval weapons, oriental swords and martial arts weapons are of the highest quality.



*excludes the Citadel line and Kaneie katanas because of MAP pricing Policy

**Sorry AK and HI not included. Also international and  military bases are not included.


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